Sunday, August 16, 2009

Latest Invention: Eco-friendly Driverless Vehicles

At Heathrow Airport engineers are testing their latest invention - personal driving pods that will transport travelers to their destinations non-stop and at the same time reduce the level of pollution and eliminate overcrowding. If the pods prove to be successful it is possible that the network of such vehicles will be built in different countries worldwide.
Two ULTra Personal Rapid Transit vehicles can be observed at London Science Museum that marks its centenary by exhibiting ten icons that played the most important role in changing the world. The exhibition is entitled "The Making of the Modern World" and the latest invention of researchers and engineers from
Advanced Transport Systems stands next to the steam locomotive. Visitors of the Science Museum will have the possibility to ask questions regarding the ULTra vehicles and see how they work.
Passengers taking the PRT vehicles will need to come to one of the three stations and as they board ULTra they are asked to select their destination on the
touch screen. After that vehicles take passengers straight to the chosen destination without stopping at any other location. Thus the latest invention from Advanced Transport Systems will provide a quicker and eco-friendlier transportation. More information of green transportation and technology you can find here at, check the links at the bottom of the story.
Graham Bradburn, chief executive of Advanced Transport Systems, described the invention by saying that: "It is the physical manifestation of many years work for ATS and BAA, and represents the vision of the original individuals involved."

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