Monday, August 31, 2009

Scientists Closer to Developing Invisible Portals

With the help of a technique called transformation optics, scientists will be able to make "invisible portals" like the ones seen in several Harry Potter movies leading to platform 9 and 3/4. Transformation optics allows researchers from Hong Kong University and Fudan University in Shanghai to change the direction of light waves, which would make portals invisible to the human eye.
Scientists portray the idea of "a gateway that can block electromagnetic waves but that allows the passage of other entities". The portal is hidden as a result of optical illusion created with the help of transformation optics and a "superscatterer" developed using photonic crystals.
The New Journal of Physics published an article about the discovery that also mentioned its ability to be turned on and off remotely. According to Dr Huanyang Chen, from thePhysics Department at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, those who stand outside the gateway are going to see something that resembles a mirror, reports The Telegraph. link....

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