Saturday, September 19, 2009

Huge Green Volcano Construction Built Near Mt. Vesuvius

The Italian city of Nola witnessed the creation of a huge construction designed by Renzo Piano and called Vulcano Buono. The building is located just near the famous Mt. Vesuvius
The design of the construction was inspired by the surrounding scenery. The vegetative layer of the building's roof has more than 2,500 plants that cover the interior and make Vulcano Buono almost invisible from space.
There's a 150 meter-wide space that will be
used for outdoor theatre, market and a sloping forest of pine trees. The main commercial areas are seen as a concentric series of circles. Special structures, resembling trees, hold the slopes of the building.
It is also worth mentioning that the construction's roof is connected with a series of skylights that feature solar-control double pane glass. The latter makes it possible for daylight to pass through the mall, cutting the amount energy spent for illumination. Inside the building, visitors can visit various shops, a supermarket, a number of restaurants, a hotel and even a 2,000 seat cinema.
The designer describes his creation as "a contemporary take on a green marketplace, a void as a place for events, meetings, dialogue and the gathering of people."
and represents a cone-shaped commercial center that features a beautiful sloping green roof. link....

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